Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Redefining 'Beauty' with Luminanza

I have grown up with lectures on how family is the most powerful entity in the world. So guess what happens when sisters decide to step into the world of fashion jewellery! Damn right, they make the best of it. Our special feature today is a fashion jewellery range from Japleen and Anupreet’s Luminanza.

 Luminanza's photo of Bhavna Sethi, Soma Dutta, Shreya Mishra, and 29 other people.
Who? What? Where?
Anupreet is an IT engineer with Fiserv while Japleen, in her own words, is a computer engineer in the making, a 3rd year student at the IPU, Delhi. I asked them how Luminanza was born and Japleen said, “Anupreet has been fond of jewellery since forever. With the trinket collection she started about ten years ago, which only kept growing, I was bound to get interested too. And thus there were two collectors at home. While jewel hunting on the internet, we thought of bringing to the Indian market, what we believe it has seen very less or none of, at the best and lowest possible rates.”
The ladies believe in the words of John Keats, ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever.’ I personally am very fond of the designs they bring to the women who shop with them. It has been a while since I saw a beautiful necklace at a price as good as the ones they quote.
Anupreet says- “We wanted Luminanza to be the result of two factors, Uniqueness and Affordability.” And they have nailed that part of their aim. They did what they wanted and brought to us pieces that are found neither at local thrift shop, nor at a high-end store in a high-end mall. In their own words, their brand is about forcing you to shop with them by offering you prices that make your palms twitch till the moment you end up holding what you like.

Shopping exp
Shopping, at Luminanza, is an easy affair. There is no website for the time being, so customers can place orders in one of the following ways:
1.      Luminanza takes personal orders over Facebook. This procedure makes them utterly flexible with their policies and dealings. One can send in a simple Facebook message, wherein, they specify the product number and design they want.
2.      Orders can also be placed over emails to luminanzajewellery@gmail.com.
3.      Conversations continue over Whatsapp. People come up with queries, requests for more pictures, ask for their orders to be reserved and so on and they oblige.
Shipping is available worldwide. The charges depend upon the location and range from 40 INR, in the Delhi and NCR region, to 60-100 INR, depending the ‘where’ in India. For the Delhi Jewel-aholics, there is also the option of a personal pick-up from the girls’ place in Dwarka, Delhi.
Who doesn’t go weak in the knees at the very thought of a discount, it is, after all, our hard-earned money and every penny saved is another penny earned. A 5% discount is offered on all orders over 1000 INR. There are also referral discounts at Luminanza wherein, with each purchase, a referral code is provided. For instance, if customer A refers someone to the ‘shop’ with the code and purchases are made by their friends and acquaintances, customer A gets a 5% discount on the next purchase they make for 500 INR or above.
The Collection
In our collection, we try to include all kinds of ornaments- Neckpieces (sweater chains, chokers, princess and matinee necklaces, etc), Earrings (stud, danglers, hoops, ear cuffs), Rings, Bracelets, Anklets, Hand jewellery, Hair accessories (hairbands, clips and pins) and more recently, Watches. The styles also vary over a vast range- Vintage/Statement/ Bohemian /Ethnic Indian/Gothic/Punk; we try to bring in the best of each kind. Luminanza, thus, creates its mark not just for the most competitive rates it offers its jewellery at, but the Classiness, which our customers would happily vouch for.
Some of their favourites on the collection are:
Dainty Bronzies
A vintage-style elegant pair of hairpins, these have been one of the most popular and widely sold Luminanza pieces.

Dance of the Peacock
Again, extremely widely sold, the colours, design and quality of this product speak for themselves.

A piece of Heaven
Have you seen the heart pendant in Titanic? I think the brilliance of the gem in it, if ever replicated in fashion jewellery has been replicated in this piece. And for that to come out in a piece of this size is all the more amazing. One of our absolute favourites, this one just blinds you with its sheer existence!

Spider Web Pocket-watch
We sisters have a special penchant for the vintage, as must be evident. A pocket-watch, in this era, and such an intricately designed one at that, makes this piece another one of our personal favourites from our collection.

The little Lace, Vintage, Gothic collection
All these things combined. Need we say more?

Rangeen Affair, Drop Dangle Glamour, Floral-anza
From the same sub-collection as the Dance of the Peacock, the three of these share the same assets- excellent quality and aesthetic designs.

L&B’s suggestions for you: Our favourites at L&B are not very different from the girls’ but just for you, here are some suggestions from us. These are just the pictures. When buying any of these, you may send just the picture to Luminanza and place an order.

In Collaboration with Lace&brocade, Luminanza is offering a 5% discount on all orders for our followers at the blog, on Instagram or at our Facebook page. The discount is valid on all orders placed and paid for by the 15th of May. All you have to do is comment on this post or on the Facebook post or the Instagram post (also FOLLOW wherever you want, if you like) and claim your discount using the referral code- L2B28LUM. We hope you have an amazing time shopping with them.
You can find Luminanza here- https://www.facebook.com/luminanza
Lace&brocade on Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/luminanza#!/pages/Lace-Brocade/572878432791987
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Till next time then. Farewell, Earthlings!!

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