Monday, 28 April 2014

MySmartPrice-An Online Miracle!!! (collaboration)

So, it has been a while and I have been away. Trust me, Out of town without an internet connection is way harder than it sounds. I was visiting my relatives and theirs being a household with no internet user, my social life was paralysed,  leaving me holding onto my cell phone for dear life. Well, now that I am back, I have a surprise for you. We, at Lace & brocade, are happy to announce that we were contacted by My Smart Price, a website keen on changing the way we shop online and making it easier, for a collaboration. I have not shopped with them yet but the website looks promising and I am going to take advantage of the same in a couple of days and since, I shop means you know what it is all about, I see another post in the near future.

When I shop online, the biggest issue that I face is the search. It was a major drawback when I was studying till some years ago and with my work with some social organisations. Since I am now a full time blogger for the time being and this is like my imaginary bread and butter, I am browsing through all the valid shopping portals available on the internet almost all the time. It still gets a little tedious but you gotta do what you gotta do. However, for people who have higher levels of toiling to accomplish everyday, that can be a real headache (and backache if you count all the sitting in bed with the laptop). This is, precisely, where MySmartPrice comes in. The website is a quirky, easy to browse through and brings you products from all the most famous and powerful websites available as shopping portals. They have separate categories for electronic gadgets, make up products, clothing, Home and health appliances, sports products, babies and kids and as a cherry on top of Vanilla Ice cream (which is my greatest weakness after chocolate; and I don't like cherries on chocolate), Books. Since I am a sucker for more than Half of the things they have on their list, this website has become my Go-To place for comparing prices of all the products available on all the sites. The ease of shopping with them for the fashion crazy comes out clearly with the fact that I found about 4 products that I own there that I never saw anywhere on the internet (not a pleasant fact for women in general; there will be posts on where to find my looks on their website in the future).

To some of you, the company and the service may sound new. This website and their android app has become a raging success with upto 9-10 million visitors every month. They are funded by major names like Accel and Helion and in times to come, are expected to bring you prices of all the products sold online so you may compare and buy the best ones.

How it works: It is as simple to go use as it is to write about. When you visit their website at, this page opens up on your screen:

Every part of the website is very clear and easily available. You can go to the desired category and click on it and this page opens up:

[I have opened the books page here, however, the other pages are a lot different. I will give you information on them in the subsequent posts.]

From here on you fall into another Galaxy if you're a book lover. MySmartPrice gives you a whole list of the prices your book of choice is available on the internet at.

The blue rectangles on the comparison column on this part of the page is the 'Go to Store' tab. As you click or tap on it, it leads you to the original location of the product on the website that you choose to shop for the product with. 

Now that we have begun this journey of ours with this fabulous website, stay tuned for more awesomeness to come from this latest love of mine. I cannot thank them enough for their books category and even more so for their fashion jewellery column. I am sharing some links for you all underneath. Let the shopping experience commence!

On Facebook-

The page for Fashionistas-

The page for the Gentlemen-

An awesome Giveaway-

An equally amazing initiative-

I shall now take your leave (with a heart heavy enough to compete against an elephant) but only to be back with a beautiful post for all the Jewellery lovers in you all before the week ends.

P.S. Please do ignore my sense of humour. I never said I was going be funny. -_-

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