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Greetings all you Gorgeous and Amazing people!

I am Pallavi and Lace&Brocade is my brainchild. This blog is about all things I hold dear to myself. Fashion, Nature, Photography, Feminism, shopping, you will find it all here. I prefer to express my emotions through my poems at times and there are those too. I do take demands or requests, whatever you want to call it.

Photographer's Land- It contains pictures and photographs you may love. I click the pictures in the tab myself, so they're like my property and not to be used without my permission. I use a Canon EOS550D with an 18-55mm lens. They're nothing extraordinary but the pictures are about whatever I find beautiful in its own right. This part of the blog is updated as frequently as I click pictures. You can expect a new Beautiful thing on it everyday..... or not!

Poems- This tab has links to and in full, poems. You'll find that I write poems on a variety of topics.

Facebook, Flickr, Instagram- These all are external links to The Facebook page for Lace&brocade, My Flickr page with all the pictures posted here and more and my personal Instagram account.

Talk It Out- This tab contacts my contact info. You can send me a message regarding what you think should be on the blog or what you think should NOT be here!

I hope you enjoy the blog. I appreciate my followers and would be flattered if you left me comments or emails regarding how you find the blog or any particular element on it. 

I shall now take your leave on a Thankful note to all those who have supported me through this innovation and those who have kept me going through their messages and shares and by as much as following the blog! 

I am starting an online clothing store soon. Keep an eye out for any update.