Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Finding Love this Spring- India

So FINALLY, Spring is here. This is my favourite time of the year and I have yet to meet a person whose it isn't. As mentioned quite a number of times before, the weather in Himachal is Glorious in the Summers, all Spring-ish but to us, who live here, it is still hot. So spring comes as a relief from the agonizing cold and prepares us for summers. I realised this morning that it has been a while since I took you online shopping and so, here I am with ever part and parcel of the fashion advisor that I am.

This is the time when you bring out the piles of skirts and dresses and light scarves and lace jackets and light blazers and.... Oh I could go on forever! Trends change every year but that is talking of the prints and colours. You trusted summer dresses will still be here and the flirty skirts don't have anywhere else to go. When it comes to prints, you can always experiment. I have always said and believed that what you wear has to be what you want to wear and like, even if it is our of trend. I do not mean you can go out in the juicy couture (Oh! Please Don't!!) but if the aztec is not in this summer, don't fret. You like it, you wear it, only wear it well.

1. Aztec prints- These pretty ancient looking prints will always reside a block away from Awesomeness. You definitely CAN do it this spring. In fact, similar prints that are not particularly aztec are no less Amazing and definitely deserve a place in your wardrobe. You can do it on skirts, scarves, pants, tops, shoes, caps and even jewellery and jackets. Some are right here for you-

2. Florals- What says spring better than flowers and isn't there something understated yet fascinating about flowers on your clothes. Yet again, you can wear florals in your blouses, blazers, pants, scarves, shoes, whatever. However, florals on shoes and pants are particularly an in-thing right now. There is nothing out about the print and won't even be for a while now. Some of my favourite florals are here for you-
3. Lace- Going out with your lovely someone over this time period? Of course you are! Who needs a stupid Valentine's day for that?!! Well, there is nothing sexier than Lace. It is one of those fabrics that bring out the oomph in the snap of your finger. With a lace blouse or dress, you don't even need a lot of jewellery or flashy shoes or heavy make-up. Keep it simple and your outfit will take care of it all. So when in doubt, go for lace. Here is some to keep you going-
4. Lighter summer fabrics- Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, says spring-summer better than chiffon and its siblings. Not only do these fabrics look absolutely adorable, they're immensely light and cool to wear (who doesn't want that after all the jackets and coats of the winters?) The variety that you get in these fabrics is also an upside since its variety is dizzying. Here are some for you. 
5. Pastels- Spring-Summer is the time of lighter tones. Nothing looks better that pastels in these times. These colour tones are as pretty as they are prominent, despite their statement.

There is so much more and all of it cannot be posted here.
Drop me a message if you need help refreshing your wardrobe. 
I'll be back soon with more shopping ideas! 

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