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Through the Lorgnette (part 1) Pictures and Post

I have a feeling that some of you are already planning hate mail for me and I can't even object to that I guess. But well, a lot of things went in directions they shouldn't have and it, in many ways, pushed this post. I will not whine to you all anymore (might plan a Taylor Swift stint and make a post about it all, though). Why don't we just start with the beautiful people and the beautiful pictures they click.

As of this minute, Mr. Amrit Pal Singh and Mr. Udit Chaudhary have not been able to connect with us due to personal issues and last minutes arrangements. You can find their wonderful works at the links below:

Hi, Please tell our readers about yourself.
Richa- Well, I am Richa Nag, currently pursuing my post graduation in masters of fashion management from NIFT, chennai and interning in Bangalore. I belong to one of the most photogenic places on the Indian peninsula, Himachal Pradesh. Born and brought up in the small town of Baijnath, I always used my right brain more than my left one, which brings out that little tinge of creativity in me. Photography is a hobby turned passion turning profession for me now! Ummm.. Ya.. I guess that’s almost all that the readers should know.
Abhishek- I would describe myself as a simple, smart n stylish guy from the queen of hills Shimla, with big dreams to conquer. I've done (ece) from LPU,  am very passionate about life and grew up believing that no dream is too big as long as you believe in urself. I am crazy about photography. Along with that I spend time indulging in singing, song writing, sketching, travelling, cricket, adventure sports. If I have to describe myself in one line I will just say I am the opposite of ordinary.

What camera and lens Specifications do you use?

Richa- I own Canon EOS 600D, with 18- 55mm and 55-250 mm Kit lens. But, most of the time my eyepiece is 50 mm 1.8f prime.  For some shoots, have used Canon mark II 6D and Canon mark III 5D which are now my dream cameras!
Abhishek- It doesn't really matter to me which camera or lens I am using. I can do it even wid a simple phone camera. But if I have to specify, It's a Canon 1100d with 12.2-megapixel APS-C-sized CMOS sensor to do justice to your photographic vision. With a generously high resolution, the CMOS sensor will record all your favourite scenes from lush, sprawling landscapes to full-bodied, portrait shots with vivid colours and outstanding clarity. I have been using two lenses (EF S18-55 f/3.5-5.6 IS II & EF S55-250 f/4-5.6 IS II).

Obviously you love what you do; What made you so passionate about it?
R- It's in my DNA, I guess. My dad used to take pictures, amazing pictures I must say, and that too in the film era. The legacy then passed on to my brother, who is twice more awesome than me when it comes to clicking or rather anything. He is my inspiration and the biggest critic. If he hits like on a picture posted by me, then I feel 'OMG Richa, you nailed it!' I have grown up looking at him and his passion for things, which later on became my passion as well. So ya, it just happened. I attended this workshop in Chandigarh called Creative Monk, where Tej Pannu, a photographer, made me realize that I am good at framing and since then, photography is growing on me.
A- I am a nature lover. When I was way too small to understand much, I wanted to capture the moments , the nature and Photography was the perfect way out for it. When I felt my camera in my hand n clicked first real good picture.... Well, it was an awesome feeling, one that can’t be described in words.

Do you edit your pictures? What do you use for the purpose?
R- Well, I'd be lying if I denied post-processing them. Ever since I got Canon 600D the Post processing required is minimal. But I use 'Lightroom' and 'PS CS 5' for any edit, if required.
A- Yes, I do. Photography is, kind of, incomplete without editing. I use photoshop 5 which is best for this kind of work but still, too much fiddling must not be done with the photographs. Natural is beautiful in its truest form.

What is the best kind of photography for you? As in, I personally like clicking selfies and nature. Okay, let’s pretend I didn’t mention selfies.
R- Well, right now I am in the evolving stage and it's too early to list out my likes and dislikes. I never thought I could ever click a human face. Imagine 3 years down memory lane, at my cousin sister's wedding, I shot everything except her face. The diya, the fire, the bangles… EVERYTHING!! And my family would comment about me being a very useless photographer. Now, I guess I love clicking Portraits the most.  I love clicking nature and macro and still life and smoke and this and that, except wildlife, probably because I haven’t tried my hand at it. So as of now, I feel I am doing the best at portraits, the word “best” being the degree of comparison in terms of my work and no comparison to other photographers.
A- I can’t specify a single kind of photography since it's my passion. I like all genres, whether it's nature or portfolios.

Instagram has become, kind of, synonymous with photography these days, like a new age fad! What are your feelings about it?
R- Well, I made an IG account about 2 months ago, I guess. I know many people who are really into this whole thing. Insta presets do make the pictures look lovely and its good to see people experimenting with their stuff to post on IG! But it is not a synonym of photography I believe. I am not much qualified in terms of my photography background, to comment on this. But I think photography is worlds apart from that much liked instapic. And well, its now a fashion I guess not a fad anymore owing to the fact that it has been prevalent for a long time now!
AIn general, I think mobile photography is great for professional photographers. A camera is a camera. It doesn't matter what type. Mobile cameras allow pros to keep their eyes sharp and to keep practicing. And I think experienced pros can learn a lot from younger fresh minds and vice versa. I'm all for anything that establishes more community in photography than competition. Some say it diminishes or jeopardizes photography. I believe it opens doors for newer and unheard-of artists. The people who are concerned with having their voice lost because of outlets like Instagram are usually the one who focus on the product and not the artist.

Tell us about the latest photowalk you took. With some other people or alone?
R- Latest photowalk? Ummm… I recently , I mean yesterday only..covered up a Karnataka wedding with Joel Sandeep, who is one photographer whose work inspires me. But if, particularly, you are asking about a photowalk then the last one I went on was to this Tipsandra Market area, for street photography. And I went alone. Which was  a bad idea, because normally I am accompanied by my photography partners viz Md Ashfaque, Nasir Abbas and Sudhanshu Singh. They are amazing in their own style and we click a lot when together.
A- The most recent photowalk I took was  with my pal Pankaj Sharma on the hills of Shimla. The popular wild places like Glenn, Chadwick falls, and Potter's hill in a place known as Summerhill .

What inspires you? Some photographers, a model, a picture or a collection.
R- Some photographers and maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany pictures. I like surreal art and love the pictures that represent the same. I have certain liking for B/W but I haven’t been able to hit one awesome picture in it. Artists from all genre inspire me. 

A- Nature itself inspires me to do this. Other than that, Alice Gabriner, Randy Olson, Dimitris Theocharis's works have inspired me a lot and all nat geo photographers are fabulous. Candice Swanepool , Miranda Kerr, Nina Dobrev and Megan Fox are the models who really force me into photography.

One photograph that makes you go “Hey! I want to do that.”
R- Theres this absolutely awesome Lebanese photographer LARA ZANKOUL. Her pictures are conceptual, surreal and totally different. They represent something beyond reality, something very unique. I like her whole series named UNSEEN. She is the best at what she does. And every picture she clicks makes me feel like 'Hey! I wanna do that.'
A- All the work done by Randy Olson, Dimitris Theomcharis, on Nat Geo is just fabulous. I want to do that stuff.

Any upcoming shoots we should keep an eye out for?
R- As I mentioned above, I covered a wedding with Joel, and I am working with him for more shoots in near future. I hope the results turn out to be worth the wait.
A- My upcoming events are a photoshoot for my company Exmuze's calendar and shoots in Goa n Malaysia.

Anything next on this front? Do we get to see you continue and reach higher grounds in photography?
R- Well yes, definitely. I am going to take up photography as my profession. So as of now, I can just say, wait and watch.
A- Yes,  for sure. You will see me on higher grounds... Soon, that's a promise.

Do we get to see you on the fashion scene anytime soon, 'coz God knows we’d love that?!
R- I don't know! Like seriously, may be yes; May be no. I don't know, really!
A- Yes, if an opportunity knocks at my door I'll grab it. Lets see what happens. May u see me working on Victoria's secrets photoshoots.

Where can we find more of your work?
R- Well, apart from my laptop, on my facebook page
A- You can find my work on and Along with that you can visit my page on facebook by the name of 'awesomeness(abhi’z photography)' and my id on flicker.

So that is all for now, Beautiful people! I am going to be back with more of such Awesome people (when I finish my search of the Shire). I need 1 more photographer, by the way and anyone interested in a feature on the blog is more than welcome. Just drop me an email with 2 or 3 pictures that you've clicked and make sure they're watermarked.

I am bringing you a guest post by someone Awesome I know and then something to curb your urge for a lot of beautiful jewels. It'll all be here before you notice and then there is still a lot more to come Through the Lorgnette!

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