Friday, 14 March 2014

My Marooned Island

We are living in a time when everyone is an expert. We, with all our laptops and our cell phone and our iPods and our tablets, are all computer experts. It’s not even very hard to get addicted to all these gadgets ‘coz they obviously make our lives easier. So well, the reason I have not posted anything worthwhile in some time now is 'coz I was up for an experiment. I have just survived 5 days without the use of a laptop and I call it survival ‘coz it definitely feels like an achievement. It wasn’t even as hard as I had expected it to be. I had just gotten out of bed after a viral infection and was already not using it much. Yea, Go Figure!

Anyway, while there are a myriad of things that one may spend time doing, I had my own. I get important work emails and I am an admitted Facebook bug. How I lived without the laptop was obviously gonna have a lot to do with the fact that I contribute to making Zuckerberg richer every minute (talk about overstatement). So here is a quick overview of the 5 horrifying days and nights (I saw you roll your eyes there, bub)-

  • I spent most of my time using my iPod or playing games on the iPod and the cellphone. Though I did have the laptop at an arm’s length on my bed, I thought it better to stick to the resolution. I had to talk to my glorious friends (which I have too many) and I mean, actually talk. Not so much of a ‘time without gadgets’ stint but hey, I said JUST the Laptop. The worst part was the fact that there were all these ideas bubbling up in my head about articles and blog posts. Well, I lived through all that. Are you getting this, Heaven??
  • I cleaned my room. Okay, so you could get lost in my room. My messiest friends cringe at the look of my room when I am at my worst. There are neither spiders partying in here nor is any rotting pizza slice lying in some corner. There are only clothes. At one time last year, my cupboard was empty except a few pairs of shoes and some summer dresses. I have such low times, Don’t Judge!! Well, I got the cue when I found one of my most expensive dresses lying, probably with ache in all joints, in a heap of clothes on the winter wear trunk. So well, I cleaned the room. Every scarf, denim and handkerchief is now safely and comfortably in the wooden abode.
  • I actually Read a book. No, I read every day and every night. I read ebooks normally. It had been a while since I had read a real book and you can argue all you like but flicking a real page is soooooooo.. much more satisfying than sliding your finger across a tablet screen or pressing a key on the laptop. I read some stories from a book of 101 short stories by O. Henry. It left me so happy and calm that I have now decided to revert to my librocubicularist self.

  • I wrote. I wrote a damned journal entry, a new poem and a new article. It has been a while since I wrote something on paper. I used to write a lot, everyday, in fact. But this blog has taken its toll on my writing and the good ol’ pen and paper weren’t getting their due. I let ‘em have it. Too cow-boyish? Hmmm, I’ll stop.
  • Moving over, I got out of the house. Oh, I would get out of the house everyday anyway if it wasn’t for the Fuckin’ weather (excuse the language, I just hate that depressing atmosphere; clouds, urgh). It has been sunny for some days now and I have taken complete advantage of that and been visiting every balcony and terrace of my house and some neighbours around the place. I am happy I used the chance while I had it ‘coz the forecast says it’s going back to the sets of the Lord of the Rings and I am not talking about the Shire.
  • I painted nails. The guys viewing this post, I don't wanna know. I painted my toenails after ages. It was nice, only I hated my own feet then. Yea, well, I removed it right away. But I did something.
  • I oiled my hair. It was, heavenly. Amazingly, heavenly! My hair is now soft and more manageable and it also gave me a new post which I will make around the middle of the coming week. I will give you tips for your hair and you will Love me for it. I just know it. (I don't wanna know if you don't. HUH!!)
  • The only advantage you people will recognise is the fact that I have planned  myriad of new posts and some absolutely good ones. I also created a few things for the DIY to be launched but that will not be done before our website is launched (Soon now, My Precious).
  • I learned encrypted codes and created one. It is the one liner I love the most and is a lovely thought. If you're up for a challenge, go check out my latest post on Instagram and lemme know if you can break the code. It's the simplest thing, if you only use the mush in your skull. (ooohhh, Yea I went there!). 

Well, If you decide to hinder your pleasurable, absolutely gadget-ful life and do such stuff, let me know. It shall be interesting to know how you will be living in your bubble without a laptop. Till then.


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