Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Magic Brush (Guest Post by ITIKA SOOD)

I distinctly remember promising you beautiful people an equally beautiful guest post, recently. Well, here I am. I am good at dressing up, myself, other people, dolls, the babies of the family…. Yea okay, you know what I mean. The point is, I personally think I am good. But Make up is not my strong point. I can manage enough for myself when I need to dress up for parties or weddings, but an elaborate REAL thing, is a hard task for me to establish.
I believe there are more women like me and hence, THIS is my idea for the guest post. Please welcome Itika Sood from Rouge. Itika has worked on shoots for various online shopping portals and for some Punjabi stars. She is new on the scene and definitely Here to stay with the magic she possesses in her hands! Hence, Over to this Uber- Talented young woman!

Prescribed In-Vogue looks by Itika Sood
To, all the beautiful ladies reading this post, I'm Itika Sood, a makeup artist from Chandigarh, India. I am here with some of my favourite looks that are bound to give you the glory of a Real Diva. I'll be giving you some easy tips on how to make yourself look more attractive, prettier (than you already are) and most of all ‘the best’!

Blended along the lids and under the lower lashes, this spicy shade adds just enough color to enhance eyes, without screaming "I'm wearing makeup." Stick with warm shades—think anything in the toffee, caramel, or tobacco families. For night, brush the color over the lids and up above the creases of the eyes.


If you weren't born with sculpted cheeks, you can paint them on. First, sweep a matte powder blush under your cheekbones. (Suck in your cheeks to find the spot we're talking about.) If you're fair, use a soft beige blush; for medium skin, try a bronze shade; on dark skin, go with a brown one. Then, blend a powder highlighter along your cheekbones—pick one that nearly matches your natural skin tone.


Flicking liner just past the corners of your eyes creates a flirty effect. For the least theatrical take on the look, extend the line just a quarter inch past the corners and give it a soft curve upward.


Give eye makeup a bedroom-y kind of sex appeal by working in layers and smudging it along the way. First up, creamy black pencil—wedged into the upper and lower lashes and softened by gently rubbing with your finger or cotton swab. Trace over that with black shadow and smudge with the swab. Then sweep shimmery gray shadow over the upper lids and blend it up beyond the crease (the more tangled it is with the black, the better).


There's no simpler way to get a sex-kittenish pout. Choose a nude that's slightly pink or flecked with shimmer (they're the most flattering), and concentrate the gloss on the center of the lips (that's the most fattening).

The post is property of Miss Itika Sood from Rouge in Chandigarh. You can connect with her for services and apparently, even for lessons. I tried using her tips and they have worked like magic. I'll post then on the lookbook sooner rather than later (hopefully). To get in contact with Itika, you can follow her Facebook Page at the link given below:!/pages/ROUGE-By-Itika-Sood/636792923069759

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