Sunday, 2 March 2014

Through the Lorgnette- Part 1 (INTRO)

There is something essentially gorgeous about the models on brands' hoardings, fascinating about the portraits of women and amazing about those beautiful wallpapers of sunsets, flowers, mountains or animals, is there not? We have all often wondered what makes these pictures so beautiful or how did I not see that in that location. Well, at least I have, wondered, that is!

It would be absolutely impolitic to imagine that owning a camera will let you take good pictures (trust me, I have one of the best ones there are). In fact, keeping any judgement at high on the probity spectrum, a camera may rather spoil your pictures if you're not smart about it. Clicking a good picture is more about the photographer than the camera and there is no way to evince otherwise. A person who has the talent will click as good a picture with an iPhone as with a DSLR of top quality.

I think I should just ditch the regular rigmarole of your wild guessing and allow me to introduce you to the reason I am torturing you here, right now (I will drag on some more though, I guess).

On the 2nd of April, 2014, you will get a post on this blog about 4 fascinating and impressive photographers who are mostly hobbyists. Life has been heuristic to these people in terms of photography and I am bringing you proof to the same. The said post shall bring you Miniature Interviews and Major Awesomness in form of photographs clicked by them, their personal bests. Who are these Lovely people, you ask?! Well, I am not wearing my Genie pants today but your love makes me give into your wishes. Here they are-

1. Amrit Pal Singh, A new acquaintance of mine, he has been praised widely for his social views as much as his pictures. He has been the subject of a newspaper article for taking pictures of some rare bees.
  • Hometown- Indore
  • Currently based in- Indore
  • Professional Prowess- Environmentalist, Organic Farmer, Photographer
  • Style/Subject- Nature, wildlife

2. Abhishek Katoch, An old friend, is a versatile Shimla-ite with a natural thing for all things beautiful and and eye for the extraordinaire in the ordinary!
  • Hometown- Shimla
  • Currently based in- Shimla
  • Professional Prowess- Electronic engineer; Owner at Event Management and clothing design company- Exmuze; Owner at Web designing and model hunt venture- Andronex
  • Style/Subject- Adventure, Architecture, Artistic, Black & White, Commercial, Documentary, Event, Macro, Nature, Fashion, portrait, panorama, sports, travel, wildlife, still life, Landscapes.

3. Udit Chaudhary, a Haryanavi young man, is exactly what they all are, simple, Casual and talented. He has a sense of style about his Photography, is a director and a writer too. Donning too many hats, is he? You have no idea!!
  • Hometown- Dehradun
  • Currently based in- Noida
  • Professional Prowess- Photographer; has done a photographic campaign for Hue; Content writer; Shooting his first Short film as a Director and so much more
  • Style/Subject- Portraits and Landscapes

4. Richa Nag, my (sur)Namesake, is perfect at what she does. She is also among the reasons my cousins pester me with questions and words of praise about her.
  • Hometown- Baijnath, Himachal Pradesh
  • Currently based in- Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  • Professional Prowess- Master of Fashion Management, NIFT, Chennai (Currently)
  • Style/Subject- Nature, people, landscape, portraits

Follow the blog for a beautiful post on these talented people when it comes at the end of this month.


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