Friday, 7 March 2014

'Coz there's no YOU without HER!!

Everyone has a separate life and all our lives differ from each other. But every life has one common factor..... Family! Families are the most beautiful part of social life and the greatest factor of families is always the woman. The fathers (or the men of the household) may be the bread winners, but the Mother or the daughter or the daughter-in-law is always the beauty of the house.

She makes our mornings beautiful. She wakes us up in the morning, with a cup of tea or coffee. She spends her mornings in the kitchen, burning her hand several times, but she always feeds you the best food she has. If a chapati gets burned and she does not have time to prepare a fresh one, she eats the bad one herself and gives you the tastier ones. In today's scenario, she goes to work, so she can help her husband or her father, by earning for her family. But even when she's away, she calls you ten times a day making short inquiries, if you had lunch, if you were safe, if you needed something in the evening. She comes home and doesn't rest. She goes to the kitchen and starts preparing your dinner. She helps you with your home work. She puts you to bed. She tucks you in and then does some important work she had. Then, she is the mother. She spent 9 months in pregnancy, hours and hours in labor and now, a whole llife in raising you and creating a successful, happy son or daughter.

There is another woman in your life. She played with you when you were little. You were her greatest and favourite toy. She would sometimes hate you coz you got all her old stuff but if you cried, she brought all of it for you herself. She cried when the doctors took you away for check-ups and when you got you injections. She carried you everywhere. She grew up with you. She told you all her secrets and you told her yours. She laughed at you when you made a fool of yourself and she shouted at somene who would hurt you or make fun of you. She always had your back. She gave you the extra pocket money when your parents told you that a certain amount was enough. She fed you when your working parents were away. She will someday or may already have gotten married and you sure will cry. But she will call you every day. She will send you that pocket money she always did. She will always be your sister. She will fight against you when its just you two, but she will fight for you when someon or anyone hurts you. Always!!

Then there will be this llittle girl. She will be born in front of your eyes. You will sure cry when she first smiles at you. You will be the happiest person alive when she holds you hand for that very first time. You will want to be there when she first stands up or when she first walks. Her first day at school will give you as many goosebumps as your own did. You will smile at her silly questions and cry at her smart replies. Her first award will make you really proud. Her growing up will scare you for her. You will be suspicious of every boy she ever talks to. You will want her to wear the clothes you choose but she will convince you to listen to her. You will shout at her a lot, but will  hug her and put her to sleep when she cries. You will never have the guts to say no to her. When she brings her first boyfriend home to meet you, you will want to kill him. You will hate the boy she is about to marry, even if you chose him. You will miss her when she goes away, every little thing she did because she is your daughter. She is the Greatest Treasure you ever owned in your life.

You may not want anything else from your life but God has another gift for you. She was born in a different home. But she left it. She may have loved you before or may be her parents chose you for her. But either way she leaves everyone for you. She comes far away from her father she always looked up to, her mother who was her world, her brother or sister who were always her partners in crime. She now calls your mother her mother, your father her own and your siblings her new friends. She cooks for your family, even if she never entered the kitchen back home. She washes all your clothes, even if she never touched the washing soap because it made her hands rough. She was a princess at her own house, but she chose to be a whole new person for you. She will do anything and everything for you and your family now, because you are her family now. She changed her whole self for you, because she is now your Wife. She has been taught to keep you happy, even if it means that she has to kill some ofher own wishes.

Celebrate today, for you are celebrating her. The HER may be anyone, the Mother, the Sister, the Daughter or the Wife. But she makes your world beautiful. She lives for you and she is herself because you are you. Don't hurt her, don't bind her because Her Freedom, is her Power, Her Beauty!! Happy Women's day to all the Gorgeous Ladies out there and the men that they treasure, because they are life and you are their life...

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