Friday, 28 February 2014

If you wanna be my Lover!


There is always something that defines somebody's life. There are people, things or feelings that give meaning to your existence, make you a better human being and stick stars to your sky. Mine is a list of Fs. A guy just asked me, on our facebook page, why I posted about something as useless as fashion and dressing up. These Anti-women Nazis can't let us be what we wanna be or let us do what we wanna do without questioning its meaning (I am not really serious here). I don't see how Fashion for women is not Feministic. It's Fashion, after all. And all women are the Queens of Fashion-Land! Feminism is a bit of an overrated concept but I still feel that a little more Feminism around us is a good thing. But then I also think that there is a fine line between Feminism and Chavinism and the latter is destructive. Chauvinism is more of a weakness than the answer to the problems we women face. It's Equality that we want and that is all we will take, whatever it takes!

Oh! I totally forgot what this was supposed to be about. DO NOT take the title of this post literally. I am not seeking a lover, or anything remotely concerned with one! I am going to need some counselling over what do we do about Stalking. All the ladies can't go running to the Police officers in the family like me with cell numbers that are bothering them (Because it is not amusing when they just don't take No for an answer).

Anyway, I recently started using Whatsapp (exactly 2 days before Facebook took over) and am Hating it already. A message from an unknown number has irritated and made me question what these people are thinking. There can be a debate over what the difference between a Compliment and a Comment is. It is easy to make the deduction which is which and even flummery is meaningless (people don't praise our intuition for no reason). Cyberstalkers are the worst kind to fight and bear. Those messages from linguistically handicapped desperados are capable of giving nightmares to the sanest of us. Tele-stalkers also have a way of proving right every woman who ever turned them down and justifies their loneliness in life.

One often wonders if people know that there is a difference between a Man and a 'Gentle'-man. At least I do, wonder, that is. Every man is, obviously, a man, biologically but in the true sense the only man worthy of a Human body is the gentle one. That trick about being a jerk to the girl you want might work for a high school girl, that too only if she is low on self-respect, which, I think, today's women are not. Be a man and let her know that you respect her. There is a respectful way of letting a woman know that you want her.  I really do not see how stalking a woman is gonna do your relationship or sexual status any good at all. All it does is tell her what kind of men she needs to stay away from!

I request every man, texting me or any women, or sending women low messages over the internet or making pathetic calls, please stop. You're killing our views of the good lot of men with your sword of Nonsense. Tell a girl if you like her and if the answer is no, find someone who won't. Really, Grow a Pair!!!

Women may please tell us how they deal with those Baby-Pervs.
Men, Well, they may provide us with elaborate counselling (or justifying) sessions!

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