Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Shilly Shallying Vegetarian

"Do not mention Chicken in front of me!"

This is what I told my brother when we went out for lunch last month. Nah! M not one of those I-don't-do-it-so-you-shouldn't people. I am a new vegetarian. And no, It was not a New Year's Resolution or something. I have eaten everything from eggs to prawns to crabs to chicken (never even thought about eating pork or beef and I hate fish and Oysters) for as long as I have eaten hard food. Last year, in the month of October, A bird got trapped and hurt somewhere in our house and I saved it. It was still just a baby and an eagle would've devoured its flesh (Too Dark??). While I put it somewhere safe, I realised that while I am saving one bird, I eat some animals. So I stopped. Anyway, jumping over the details, It is a very hard thing to do. I love Non-Vegetarian food. It has even been my staple diet at college. Now, as I stop, I crave for it, but with the satisfaction that every time I suppress this craving, I can pride myself some more on being an animal lover.

This post is not about how more people should change and become vegans, but about how I felt about it and how I feel now, Why I played with the idea of becoming a vegetarian for over 2 years. I have eaten so much of chicken wings and McChickens and Punjabi Chicken Delicacies that if PETA knew, they would have burnt my statues at Trafalgar Square. I wanted to jump to the land of Plant eaters but something stopped me. It was my Foodie existence and there was a clash. I felt like a hypocrite when telling people to not eat the Monal (the State bird of Himachal Pradesh till some time ago) while I ate Chicken like a Chameleon eats insects. As an Animal rights supporter and an animal lover, This was something I wanted to do. It is kind of hard like going from a packet-of-cigarettes-a-day smoker to a non-smoker in a day. But I feel it was worth it. Tell me your experiences as a new vegetarian or old. How does it feel? Comment on the post or Send me an email at my id below and I will include it in my next post on this topic on the 1st of March with you name (or without if you ask me to not share it).

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