Sunday, 2 February 2014

A Thing of Beauty a Joy Forever. I haven't found a person to this day who hasn't heard this. The thing is that beautiful things have soothing effects on our mind. Its Science! The Huffington post had a post report of the title 'Surprising laws of Human Attraction'. It said so many things that made me feel so much better. Of course, I am no Marylin Munroe. So when they said 'It's better to be average', I felt like flying coz I have always felt better being beautiful in my average looks. They specify that its not average looking they mean to say, but I am not going to listen beyond the titles. The facts they presented were so satisfying that I am happy right now by just thinking about them. They say that It does matter how old a guy's parents were when they had him. So if a man is being mean to you, it may be because of his parents.
Find the article here and cheer yourself up, mostly!

But how often has it happened that no one can convince you that you are beautiful. The reasons maybe many, that mole on your left cheek, those bad hair days, that minutely fat nose (like mine) or just a Hormonal order saying 'just be cranky and don't listen to anyone'. I think clothes were made for days like that or to be stricter, Fashion was created to magically better up those days. I was one of those cranky alter egos of mine yesterday. My list of remedies? A cup of coffee, Chinese food, shopping, dressing games. The last one is my favourite. Himachal is like a freezer these days. You can't wear anything without a warm jacket and a muffler. Personally, I don't care how hot or classy a jacket is, I just don't feel like wearing it, but have to. So my dress up gets stunted strongly. So to cheer myself up, I just wear my favourite summer blouses and sit around. I did that yesterday while reading this article from the HP. It cheered me up so effectively that I am still in a bit of a happy mood.

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