Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Beauty of a Little Joy

Do you know what's better than a new jacket? Well, 2 new jackets and a bracelet....
I recently ordered two shackets and a bracelet and a shrug. The good thing is that I have now learnt (the hard way, of course) that Online shopping will only do me good on prepaid orders. I have ordered these very shackets thrice before and they were returned. Go Figure!!


Anyway, This is not about my problems with them, but about why I loved them. My order included 2 shackets, one shrug and a coin bracelet. Each one of them was a fascination of its own kind. The first one was the blue one. I have to admit that I expected a thicker fabric from what it looked like on the website but I liked the print and colours anyway. It was a snake print shacket in a synthetic, silk-like fabric. Owing to its thinness, I expect it to be a treat in the Himachali summers and in the spring season anywhere.I decided to wear it with an 'inch-above-the-knee' skirt in lace, a black tank and a bulleted, broad belt. I wore thigh high stocking (more like socks) and calf-length boots with it.

Tank- Puma
Boots-Manali's Tibetan market (thrifted, kind of)
Muff-hand-woven; soft wool
Shacket-Shop Nineteen

The other shacket I got is this palm print one which is in a thicker fabric and among my loveliest buys in some time. Here is how I wore it. It can also be worn over a white T and black pants or a black leather skirt. Though there is nothing dull about it already, some casual accessories will add charm to it. I wanted to wear a pair of boots or loafers with it but the pumps did it for me.

Grey Tank-Madame
belt-Dress Up
Shoes-Women's Square
Necklaces-Mongolia, gifted, thrifted
Ring-McLeodganj, Dharamshala
Shacket- Shop Nineteen

As for the Brand, The packing was absolutely charming and the fact that the box reached me intact was making me weak in my knees. I have received far too many consignments to know that getting one that isn't damaged on the outside is a 'once in a blue moon' affair. I am a happy woman this evening!! ^_^

PS, I am now using the boxes they sent the products in as jewellery boxes. I'll show you how its done in the new DIY column that I am about to start!!


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