Saturday, 1 February 2014

Heart Of Gold

I have received a request from a young woman, for a poem called 'Heart Of Gold'. This poem is my bow to all the beautiful women across the Globe. Here it is for you. If you like whatever I write, Follow the blog (use the follow button to your right) and do let me know how you like the poem in the comments below.

Yes I am the Girl, with that Sought after Heart of Gold.
I have that smile that could Light up the Whole World.
Its a treasure I tend to give away for Free, Love is always in letters Bold.

I know that people tend to Lie, but I still trust every word you say.
Your smile will be the beat of my Heart, Your laugh will Brighten up My Day.
But hearts do Break and hopes are Shattered and that does take my joys Away.

I Shop and Spend and that brings me immense joy.
My secret happiness lies in those heels, strappy and High.
I dance at the thought of NEW, my Clothes are my own treasure of Troy.

Nature has a Beauty to me, that no one can Challenge.
History just means different things, one being the Stonehenge.
A day well spent will be in the Park, sitting on that lonely Bench.

I wish I could eat all day, if only I could still stay thin.
I wish I could fall in love, without getting my heart broken.
I dream of beauty, of joy to the world, if only it was there in the tune of the violin.

I enjoy my Flaws and Love the Thought of Love.
For it I'll Risk it all, even a Broken Heart is hard to Let Go of.
The Angels cry when I Shed Tears, Bestowed upon by the Mourning Dove.
But Life goes on and Nothing really ends, even if I don't make it to the Trove.

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