Saturday, 25 January 2014

Leather Treasure

If you inhabit the Northern Hemisphere and absolutely love the Spring season, this post is for you. There is a certain trend that has been going on and on for years now. Our favorite pop stars have donned it, the much feared bikers love it and our lovely fashionistas have rocked it over and over again. Yes, you genius, I am talking about the Leather jacket. Though quite a controversial fabric (just like fur), Leather does make an amazing fashion statement. On  a stricter basis, Leather can be categorically praised on biker Jackets at all times.

A biker jacket is a very effective way to pep up a bored out casual or painfully formal look in a wild second. You can even wear it with Traditionally cocktail looks like Anne Hathaway and Charlize Theron.

Or you can wear it on a perfectly casual outfit like our very own Glam girls, Fergie and Priyanka Chopra. Leather jackets can also be worn on leather pants without making the look too leathery altogether. All you have to do is pullover your coolest T or tank and drop those leather boots and grab a pair of high heeled pumps or peeps. The good thing about Jackets is that you can even wear them on a pair of sneakers and it will only make them look better.

In India, especially in smaller cities, called Urban Agglomerates, like Shimla, Karnal, Amritsar, the only problem with leather jackets is to  find them at all or if found, then to do so at affordable prices. For students, finding a cool Leather jacket at less than or around 4K is a very hard thing to do. For reasons like this, online shopping exists. I have formed a bit of a database for my readers. It has come out during my own search for a biker jacket in leather.

Surprisingly weird, as it may seem, I am absolutely against the use of leather, as in Animal leather. Same is the case with fur, snake skin and crocodile skin. Whichever of this can not be synthesised in factories, you will never see an article on my blog about. This leather that I am talking about is PU leather. It doesn't look much different  from Genuine leather and is friendlier to the pocket.

To help you find the awesome biker and/or leather jackets below 4K (INR), here are some of my favourite leather jackets you can order online to complete your wardrobe and glamorise your looks.

(4 is non leather, 2-way jacket that can be detached from the waist down and worn as a short jacket too)

( is an international site based in China. You can pay in USD since it is the international standard currency at present)

Jackets and biker jackets are also available in non-leather fabrics and Cotton-Polyester blends on various sites. If you do not want to wear artificial leather, then these fabrics can be a great option. These fabrics are softer and more flexible, making the jackets more comfortable. I have recently tried a jacket in a Cotton-poly blend by Shiva and Smriti that I found on The jacket is like a perfect peice to wear around on any day, over any outfit. These are some samples of jackets from these designers in the same fabric and below 2000 rupees. Is this a dream or what?!!

So, the next time you have a casual outing, a formal outing, a job interview, a date, a first date, a reunion or you just want to startle people with your Style expertise, slide on a biker jacket, leather or not, and show them what a Diva you are (minus the tantrums though, no one likes those tantrums (^_^)).

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