Thursday, 16 January 2014

My First Love

Whenever I look at you,
I see your eyes smile at me.
Your face so full of colour,
Makes me fly so free.
We evade all things we need,
for those who say it so.
When I don't see you,
I know my tears do flow.

Love can make you so weak,
Oh! I did not know.
For I have never done,
this love thing before.
I feel your breath
on my shoulder at times.
I sense your touch,
still tingling like chimes.

Love is an Elfin thing,
but it is an elixir to life.
I know that you still not know,
Yours is my soul's cause of strife.
I look at the sky
and yes the stars do shine.
I see them to be your eyes,
peeping so deep into mine.

I Love you so much so,
these words are to say just that.
I see this all white snow,
and in your arms I want to lie down back.
With you life can elude me of
all the treasure it should have had for us.
Thank you for being with me,
so Happy and Joyous thus!

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