Sunday, 26 January 2014

Dressed to Kill

You hear the code 007 and your mind just jumps to a certain British agent of the MI6, doesn’t it? I was watching Peirce Brosnan in the role of James Bond last night and I just thought to myself, Wouldn’t it be amazing if all men dressed like that! But the answer is no. If every man exited the dressing room in a tux, every day and night, it would get boring and lose its charm. Also, it would have been a blow to their individuality and identity. Hence, we better leave the sexy tuxedo looks for occasional exploitation and for special women. However, to woo women, the first thing you need to do is still the same – Suit up.

Pardon me; I got carried away by the NPH wallpaper while switching it to my Peirce Brosnan wallpaper. This must be confusing. Well, when I say ‘suit up’, I don’t mean wear a suit everywhere. Let me explain. What is the first thing a woman would notice about a man? A woman doesn’t have a superpower to immediately sense a man’s love for animals or travel or how much of a family man he is or if he is a respectful man. The first thing that will attract a woman towards a man will always be how he is dressed. You can look like Ian Somerhalder or George Clooney and that will not help if you’re dressed like a homeless tramp on a Mumbai street. Have you ever seen Mr. Clooney or Mr. Somerhalder dressed bad? No? Thought so!

The first thing you need to keep in mind while dressing up is that how you dress up needs to show the real you. What you wear. How you set your hair up. It should all be about you. If you are the kind of guy who would wear a Spongebob T-shirt and denims to a casual luncheon at your best friend’s place, then wear one. But there is a difference between a Spongebob T-shirt for a 21-26 years old man(1) and a 12 year old 
kid(2 and 3) who has just found out that Santa is not real (he’s not, right?). Also a baggy T-shirt will probably look good on a teenager of a ghetto neighborhood, not a respectable, self-dependent man. Save your baggies for bed and the super tights for the trial room.  What I mean to say is that how you dress up should be true to your identity, while also making you look like a mature person who knows everything about himself. You are a man who does not dress to impress but impresses with how he dresses up. Know that and act like it!

When you’re meeting people in a semi-casual setting, DO NOT dress up in formals or casuals completely. It makes you look snobbish, not stylish. Rather than wearing a formal look altogether, wear a T- shirt and denims and top the look off with an open-front jacket and oxford shoes. It gives you a laid back, casual yet professional look. See a haberdasher if you have to, but know what will look good on you.

A formal look is always impressive, everywhere. Nevertheless, only a well fitted suit will make you look like a winner. You can’t expect a tuxedo to set men/women drooling just because it is that. A suit needs to be a perfect fit. If you have the money to spend on it, opt for a tailor cut outfit. Also, be wary of the trends. If you dress up like Sean Connery’s James Bond today, chances are people will not notice you, that is, if you’re lucky.

Setting your hair up comes as quite a headache as, unlike women, men have a shorter list of choices. You can wear your hair anyway you want as long as it does not make you look like a cavemen from before the invention of a comb (there is, again, a difference between messy hair and hair that seem to have seen a comb last in the 10th century). Spikes and gelled up hair have been done too often now. If you have army style hair, they will set themselves up and if you have really short hair, let them fall in a bit of a mess. However long your hair may be, make sure you look neat, even if you go for a just out of bed look.

Scents play an important role in making a statement. It is a scientifically proven fact that good scents from the opposite sex attract people. The scent of your choice may be earthy or casual or cool and serene, but don’t overdo them. Too much perfume or deodorant turns out to be repelling. The best scents of the world, as stated by world’s best magazines, are by Tom Ford, CK, YSL, D&G, Armani, Gucci, Jo Malone and may range from a couple of thousands to 50K. But most of us cannot afford a perfume that expensive and who among us will not sweat after spending that kind of money. Fret not, A simple deodorant is the solution to all your pain. Yet again, don’t overdo it. Apply a small amount of it in places of significance, like the nape of your neck, Armpits and the chest. ALWAYS apply a scent before your dress up. That simmers the effect too. Also, nothing smells as good as clean. If you’re going out on a date, wear a clean shirt. Sweaty and dirty is NOT manly.

Karl Lagerfeld is a major name in fashion and he says, “Today everybody can look chic in inexpensive clothes (the rich buy them too). There is good clothing design on every level today. You can be the chicest thing in the world in a T-shirt and jeans — it’s up to you.”

To look great, you don’t need Armani to do it for you. What matters is that what you’re wearing looks good on you and makes sense according to your body and style. Impressing, men, women and people in general is all about being yourself because if the real ‘you’ can’t do it, the artificial ‘you’ will never be able to. It doesn’t and shouldn’t matter if you’re picking a shirt up from a street shop and a leather jacket from the thrift store, if it looks good, it was meant for you. Looking good at all times is not necessary but if you want someone to notice you in a crowd, make an effort. Lazy just does not win, ever. If you’re dressed in rags and you want a man or woman worth impressing to acknowledge you, you have probably had too much of alcohol. So the next time you venture into the wilderness of good people, groom yourself well, behave like a complete gentleman and sweep her off her feet. As N.H. Kleinbaum writes in the Dead Poets society,
“In the endeavor of wooing women, laziness will not do.” 

Let’s just say that’s true for everyone.

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