Friday, 6 June 2014

36 Random things about me

Someone sent me a message on FB, asking me to write some facts about me. Why 36, you ask?! I don't know, really. I guess I just don't know myself well enough for more. This isn't gonna be much fun I tell you  because I am, to myself, a relatively boring person. But well, let's hit it.

1. I am a graduate in Microbiology but ended up hating the lab-work so I have been working on various things since I passed out in 2011. I have taken writing lessons, worked for NGOs and am blogging for now.

2.I am a sucker for chocolates, cakes and... well, food in general.

3. I am kind of a bookworm. Jane Austen is my greatest weakness.

4. I drink more water in a day than I eat food. That is a good thing but kills my body's capacity to live without water at all.

5. I am probably the black sheep of the family with doctor parents and an engineer-in-the-making brother. I am planning an MBA, though.

6. I don't believe in short relationships and one night stands on a personal level. Nothing against them, I just wouldn't get into one.

7. I like typing more than writing. However, I love the feel of a fountain pen running on a sheet of paper.

8. I LOVE pani-puri. I can eat it till I can eat no more.

9. I have never been able to stay off the internet for more than 5 days.

10. I cannot survive without my iPod, cell phone and internet.

11. I hate the colour Red except in nail-paints.

12. I have a never ending crush on Ian Somerhalder, not just because he is Hot as Hell but also because he is extremely sensitive towards things I rant and run the most about.

13. I cannot tolerate Justin Beiber. Please don't unsubscribe to my posts, I don't mind if you love him. Though, that means your choice in music sucks... JK!!

14. I am lazier than Garfield. That is a lot of lazy!!!
Garfield: 2002 - 04 - 17
15. I shop for both quality and quantity.

16. The things I like about myself are the facts that I love praising people, am never jealous and eat like an elephant. Okay, Ignore the last one! ^_^

17. I am a huge Dog lover, due to which I've been bitten by dogs a total of 5 times till now.

18. I own an Indie named Mickey and a German Shepherd called Roscoe.

19. Good food, Beautiful shoes and Awesome music, all give me goosebumps.

20. I am not into watches a lot and own just 2. A DKNY, a gift from someone Awesome and a non-branded one that I am just smitten with irrevocably.

21. Call of Duty and Age of Empires are the most awesome games ever, in my opinion.

22. I cry more for old people and animals in movies than anything else. Romantic movies make me sad but not enough to cry.

23. I hate the taste of most beers. Cranberry juice is my favourite drink.

24. I believe myself to be a very calm and composed person in general. For instance, if I ever meet I an Somerhalder, I won't go all screaming and crazy but if he proposed marriage, I would faint! C'mon, don't tell me you won't!!!

25. I love old hindi songs, ghazals by Jagjit Singh and a lot of english music from the time till the early 90s.

26. I am the most Indecisive person I have ever seen.

27. I have never watched Game of Thrones but know a lot about the story through someone who loves it almost as much as he loves me. Can't be a good thing, can it?

28. I am head over heels in love with Sherlock, The Big Bang Theory, Lord of the Rings series, the Hobbit series. Cumberbatch as Smaug is my favourite thing from Hollywood.

29. I do not have a favourite colour. There isn't a reason, I just don't have one. I am pretty stuck at the colour Blue.

30. I am not very big on surprises. Meaning that I need spoilers before movies or TV shows or books. Also, if someone tells me there is a surprise, I need to know about it. It is better to not tell me anything at all.

31. I read and re-read Harry Potter almost every 2 months. It just makes me verrryyyy Happy!!!!

32. I find flowers beautiful but not in my hands, books or vase, basically, not anywhere other than the plants.

33. I don't like odd numbers and have a feeling that they feel offended.

34. I hate soft toys, except 2 that I own.

35. I am not big on make-up. I manage well for myself but that's it!

36. I can't stop buying bags and shoes. Like, there is not end to them.

I guess that is it. Nothing very special or important there but well, you asked!!

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