Thursday, 13 February 2014

Shine for your Valentine

I am ecstatic this evening. It is not a really big deal in general, but considering the fact that it is the Valentine's week and tomorrow is THE day, it means a lot. Actually, I am not big on the whole idea of celebrating love and relationships for a week or a day. Call me a Narc, go on!
Anyway, what changed the fact I mentioned above is a huge event. A friend of mine, who was running the risk of having been friend-zoned, made it out alive and has earned the realm of real dating (I hope the special girl doesn't see this). I wish I had pom-poms to cheer for him on his way out of the danger-zone. However, now that I am in the Valentine spirit, let us dive into it and plan out some looks for your BIG evening. There is still plenty of time till that beautiful dinner date or the candlelight dinner on the beach (I am no less of a romantic than any girl). And if you can't make it to that, there is always the date after that and the one after that. As I said, Love is an everyday affair, not a 'restricted-to-1-week-or-1-day' thing. Dear men, there is no reason to not spoil your lovely women on the other days of the year!

Look 1: I don't think anything says Love better than Red, White and a little sparkle.

1. Dress from ZARA at 3990/-

2. Shoes from DONEBYNONE at 1899/-

3. Box clutch by FabAlley at 1850/-

TIP- Complete the look by adding red lips to it. My Personal suggestion would be The Maybelline Super Stay that can be found here-

Look 2: If you love all things Blue like me, here is something for you.

1.Top from DONEBYNONE at 899/-

2. Pants from FabAlley at 1600/-

3. Bag from at 1890/-

4. Shoes from DONEBYNONE at 1799/-

5. Necklace from FabAlley at 900/-

6. Blazer from StalkBuyLove at 1399/-

Look 3: For it is all about pink, gold and a little blush!

1. Dress from at 1039/-

2. Shoes from DONEBYNONE at 1999/-

3. Earrings from at 349/-

4. Cuff from at 3,203/-

Check out these looks and products while I go compile some new looks and some more products. And at the end of the day, Its all about the Love that's always in the air, you just have to grab it! May The Cupid bless all you Love birds out there. 

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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