Saturday, 11 January 2014

Online shopping vs Online shopping

Oh no, I am not going to try and get your heart off online shopping at all. Personally, I am exceptionally fond of it. All it takes is an internet connection and something for it to work on. I shop online and when I don't have the time, I ask my friend to shop for  me, online again. The greatest upside is that you do not have to go anywhere or sometimes the stuff is not even available in your locality. I don't live in a Jungle but most of the clothes I love are not available anywhere in Himachal except Shimla, Dharamshala and Manali. So rather than travelling 9, 1 or 7 hours respectively, I go online on  my ipod touch and buy to by heart's content (or my wallet's capacity, whichever comes first; normally its the wallet thing). However, there are certain things that are still not possible in this way. Like when my sister was getting married in November, 2013, I could not just buy anything online. I'll tell you why.

Online shopping has a wide range of products and sites to choose from. Online Clothing brands are so many now that you'll lose count before you find that one piece you just fall in love with. For instance, Last night I spent 3 hours online to find a pretty enough peplum dress for my friend and I had been to I don't know how many sites before I found that one thing that I just had to have. That's how I roll. Choosing clothes online is easy. There are dimensions mentioned next to the outfit and some sites even mention the dimensions and the height of their models so the buyer can relate to it and buy something as per the comparison. You can choose colors too. It's just nirvana on a screen for anyone and everyone who loves to own the prettiest stuff. However, if you're in a hurry, buy only the stuff you can be sure you won't have to get altered or exchanged.

Buying jewelery on the internet is the easiest, best and the most risk-free option. There isn't much to do. Just browse through some choices and buy what you think will suit you or whatever you want to own. The only catch is the delicacy of the product or defect upon delivery. Well, in that case, you can exchange the product on almost every available site now. However, there are some sites which do not have a customer friendly exchange policy and some that don't have any such policy at all. It is always better to read the policies of the brand before you buy anything. I know its  tedious but that's where buyers come in. They have to spend time reading such stuff and you don't have to waste time. Buyers are also a good option for men in particular since they get confused over buying clothes, jewelery, shoes or make-up for their friends or partners. 

The only fine print on buying stuff online is in the shoes' section. I have shopped for shoes thrice and they have not been a perfect fit each time. If you think that it just needs a shoe size then you're mistaken. Every girl who has ever worn high-heeled shoes would know how hard it is to tolerate a wrong size. You cannot rely on a shoe size completely. Apart from the fact that shoe sizes vary with the brand, the shape of the foot is also an important information. You have to try a shoe on before you own it. Avoid buying shoes online, particularly the high-heeled ones. 

Make-up and lifestyle products like curtains, oils, candles etc are also easy to buy products since they are just brand based articles. However, yet again, buy make-up products only from the trust-worthy sites or the so-called 'big names' of online shopping. There are countless duplicate products in the market and its better to not risk using those on your face, skin or hair.

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This dress is a product available online and is the love of my life for now. My shopper friend now owns and rocks it!