Wednesday, 2 July 2014


We all know how hard it is to start a day without Coffee. Some people I know get downright cruel waking up without it. And if there is coffee, there will be coffee mug stains, bringing coasters into our lives. However, as many designs as there are in the market right now, I sometimes see a certain design or old greeting card that I would love to see on a coaster, as was the case with this picture from an old table calender. I loved it and hence, used it to make a coaster of my own.

The Supplies: All you need for making a coaster can easily be located around your house, in fact, may be just in the store room of your house. You'll need-

1. An old, useless floppy disk
2. The paper or cloth you want on your coaster.
3. A transparent sheet (preferably from an old notebook's cover)
4. Scissors
5. Glue

The Art.... Just kidding, this is just the How-to: Though seemingly casual and easy, making a coaster requires every step to be followed properly, lest you'll find paper from your masterpiece sticking to your coffee mug.

1. Cut out the paper or the cloth into a size large enough to cover both the sides of the floppy. Create a margin on the paper by holding it at the 'almost' centre of the floppy disk and apply the craft glue.

2. Flip the paper, stick it to the disk properly. Use a ruler/scale if required. Cut the extra paper out if you feel the need. It may prove better to leave it a long and possible so that it may cover the other side of the disk too.

3. Once this is done, apply glue to the wings on the sides of the disk and fold them in. Stick them properly, again, using the ruler/scale or without. Here is what mine looked like post this step. 


4. Your coaster is basically ready now but without the transparent sheet, the paper that you used will peel off and the cloth will get stained, which, unless you want as a design, will not look very good. For the next step, take the transparent film and, keeping the glossier side down, apply the glue to it. Do not leave even an inch without the glue coz that'll leave air space and cause the look of your product to change in some parts.

5. Place the sheet on your coaster now and again, you may use a ruler/scale if your please. There you have it. Your very own coaster, in your very own favourite design. Here is my result. Make sure you make the flip side look good too, by sticking something on it. I left it as it is because the little dial from the floppy disk looked fine to me.

So here is the outcome. The yellow one is a coaster I got from and the one below it is the one I just made.

I hope you enjoyed this little DIY with me and that your coaster came out just perfect. Subscribe, share and comment! I love that stuff. Also, I will bring your the next post in 3-4 days since, owing to my laziness, I have started doing 2 posts side by side and it'll be ready to go live soon. Hint: It'll be a treat for the jewellery lovers!

Signing off now. Until next time, Lovelies!!

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