Wednesday, 8 January 2014

My War with the Truth

I am not Labile. Never have been, Never will be. I try really hard to be and fail miserably. I have seen the best of times and I have seen times when my life was filipendulous. So here's a bow to everyone I had and everyone I lost, be it to time, situations or even death!

I miss how my life was 5 years ago. Beautiful, careless and meaningless, but just perfectly Complete. Today I miss many people and the warmth they brought to my life. I respect them all for teaching me lessons and molding me into the person I am today. This is what life is all about. Its about people who carve you out. Just like clothes, our souls and our personalities are custom-made for us, subject to the experiences we've had. At a particular point of time, we may not see that everything that someone else is doing is helpful in creating us in a way we know not is perfect for us. Life always has a plan. We may be recalcitrant but it goes on with that plan. But however stubborn it may be, life still gives us a chance to make mistakes of our own volition. It lets us choose people, lets us go to places, lets us choose between telling a lie or the truth, gives us the option of fighting rather than groveling in solace of our own bed of impressions.

Here's what I think. Life is like public transport and we are all straphangers, sozzled on our own insecurities. What we should be is a gourmand of all things good and bad, for who will know good if there is no bad. The bad is just not appreciated as much as it should be. I am not being philosophical. I hate it too when bad things happen to me. But over time, I have learnt to respect them later. I know now that bad, in fact, does not exist. It is our perception and our readiness to curse things as soon as they happen that makes some things bad, some very bad and hence, the spectrum. Things may be bad now or at a particular point of time but as the years pass by, we hate people, situations or things absolutely gratuitously. In time, we only exacerbate our problems while good loves bad too because it has no identity without it.

So, this is for both my grandfathers who the children of the family are told have become stars of the night sky. This is to my first real English teacher at school, to the principal that made me eat lunch in her office coz my parents complained and to every teacher that influenced me by as much as imparting knowledge and shaping my existence! I thank the botany HOD at college who I fought with over an issue I still don't think I was wrong at. This is for my best friend who is still the best friend to me that he always was and to my childhood friend who is entering the realms of fatherhood (I still think he's too young). This is to the juniors who adored me, the men who hated my attitude and the men who loved it. I am indebted to the friend that taught me everyone was flawed, the so-called friends who taught me to not trust too soon. I am thankful to the people who criticised me, the friends who gave me my prejudices and to the friends who advise me and keep my secrets. I acknowledge the factotum friends who'd never judge me and the beautiful classmates who told me that one day I'll either be a winner or a Loser and we'll still be the same at our personal reunions. And I extend my gratitude to all the people who sojourned in my life and made it what it is today!

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  1. This is indeed very moving. Who is the author if I may ask, for I shall be very much pleased to know.